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Chris Allen
Chris Allen, Manager
Secondary Custodial 
The Custodial Department is committed to providing the best possible service available for the students, staff and community of CUSD. We are a department of nearly 120 full-time employees and 15 substitutes to service our 5 intermediate and 5 high schools. We pride ourselves on setting the bar high. The standards in which we present our schools and athletic facilities to the students, staff and community are second to none.

In addition to the daily cleaning of instructional and administrative facilities, our duties include (but are not limited to) cleaning of all athletic facilities including 2 football stadiums, 10 baseball and softball stadiums, 90 tennis courts and 1 softball complex. We also provide set-up and tear-down duties for all of the many co-curricular activities at these secondary school sites including academic and athletic award ceremonies, drama productions, rallies, testing, football games, graduation ceremonies and the CIF State Track Meet. We are also responsible for all minor maintenance to the facilities as well as reporting all work orders for major maintenance. We conduct regular daily, weekly and monthly safety inspection for these facilities as well.

The Facilities Division will work as a united team to provide and maintain a quality environment that supports students' and teachers' interactions so every student will reach their potential in mind, body and spirit.

Secondary Custodial Happenings

CHS Bleachers Each High School has a team of Custodians dedicated to not only the cleanliness of each site but also responsible for identifying items in need of repair.  The gym bleachers at Clovis High were one of the items on their list.  Our custodians work with the other departments within Plant Operations to ensure student safety is always in focus.  Recently we worked with our Maintenance department in repairing the bleachers as seen below.

Clovis Unified School District: Be the best you can be in mind, body, and spirit

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