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Proposed Changes in Transportation Availability

Radius Zone Maps
Board Policy 3541 provides transportation for students who live in excess of an established radius zone. The zone will be a radius of 1 mile for grades K-6 and 2.5 miles for grades 7-12.

Click on the the name of a school below to view a map of the radius zone for that school:

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Red radius line represents locations that will not be eligible for transportation.
Blue line represents the school boundary.


Question No. 1:
There are Cole area children who are south of Herndon that will be forced to walk to Alta Sierra and Buchanan.  They will be forced to walk east on Sierra to Villa and then north on Villa to Buchanan High School and Alta Sierra Intermediate.  Please note the sidewalks are either non-existent or on one side of the street or the other.

Unless an adequate paved walkway, as described in Board Policy 8301, is available for the walk from the Cole attendance area to Alta Sierra/BHS, transportation will be provided.

Question No. 2:
Why doesn’t the District eliminate ALL bus services offered to kids who stay after for sports or other activities; the “five o’clock” buses?

The after school runs are available not only for students participating in athletics but also for students involved in after school intervention programs.  The reduction of all after school runs was not highly recommended by the Transportation Task Force Committee. The cost to provide this service is $143,525 per year.

Question No. 3:
Why doesn’t the District charge for transportation for students participating in extra curricular activities?

Unfortunately, the California Supreme Court has ruled that it is unconstitutional for school districts to charge a fee for transportation services for students participating in extra curricular activities.  This decision was made several years ago.

Question No. 4:
How will these proposed changes affect Gateway High School students?  I noticed there wasn’t a map on your web site for Gateway.

If the radius were put into place the 2.5-mile radius would be placed at Gateway and students living within the radius would be considered walkers. For students outside the radius, the same plan will continue. Gateway students will walk to a transfer point (High School) or if they live outside of that HS radius they can ride the neighborhood bus to the HS and than transfer to the Gateway bus.

Question No. 5:
Is the school district required by law to provide home-to-school transportation?

There is no law or code that requires school districts to provide home-to-school transportation.

Question No. 6:
Doesn’t the District receive funding from the State to operate home-to-school transportation?

Yes, school districts receive funding from the State to operate home-to-school transportation programs.  Unfortunately, the funding that is received from the State does not cover the cost of operating a transportation program.  Currently, the State dollars received by Clovis Unified specifically for transportation only pays for roughly 36% of the transportation services provided.

Question No. 7:
Isn’t the District required to provide transportation to a low performing “PI” school?

There are no such special requirements imposed.  “No Child Left Behind” requires districts to provide transportation only if the parent requests a transfer out of a PI site to another non-PI site.  Kastner and Clovis West High School are not identified as PI sites.

High Schools

School NameRadius Map
Buchanan High SchoolView Radius Map
Clovis East High School
View Radius Map
Clovis West High School
View Radius Map
Clovis High SchoolView Radius Map
Clovis North High SchoolView Radius Map
CARTView Radius Map
Gateway High SchoolView Radius Map

Intermediate Schools

School NameRadius Map
Alta Sierra IntermediateView Radius Map
Clark IntermediateView Radius Map
Granite Ridge IntermediateView Radius Map
Kastner IntermediateView Radius Map
Reyburn IntermediateView Radius Map

Elementary Schools

School NameRadius Map
Boris ElementaryView Radius Map
Bud Rank ElementaryView Radius Map
Cedarwood ElementaryView Radius Map
Century ElementaryView Radius Map
Clovis ElementaryView Radius Map
Cole ElementaryView Radius Map
Copper Hills Elementary**View Radius Map
Cox Elementary**View Radius Map
Dry Creek ElementaryView Radius Map
Fancher Creek Elementary**View Radius Map
Fort Washington Elementary**View Radius Map
Freedom Elementary**View Radius Map
Fugman ElementaryView Radius Map
Garfield Elementary**View Radius Map
Gettysburg ElementaryView Radius Map
Jefferson Elementary**View Radius Map
Liberty ElementaryView Radius Map
Lincoln Elementary**View Radius Map
Maple Creek Elementary**View Radius Map
Miramonte Elementary**View Radius Map
Mountain View Elementary**View Radius Map
Nelson ElementaryView Radius Map
Oraze ElementaryView Radius Map
Pinedale ElementaryView Radius Map
Reagan ElementaryView Radius Map
Red Bank Elementary**View Radius Map
Riverview ElementaryView Radius Map
Sierra Vista ElementaryView Radius Map
Tarpey Elementary**View Radius Map
Temperance-Kutner ElementaryView Radius Map
Valley Oak ElementaryView Radius Map
Weldon Elementary**View Radius Map
Woods ElementaryView Radius Map
Young ElementaryView Radius Map
** Do not receive any transportation services.

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Buchanan Area Schools

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Clovis High Area Schools

Clovis High link image Clark link image Cedar Wood link image Clovis Elementary link image Mickey Cox link image Gettysburg link image Jefferson link image Red Bank link image Sierra Vista link image Weldon link image

Clovis West Area Schools

Clovis West link image Kastner link image Ft. Washington link image Liberty link image Lincoln link image Maple Creek Nelson link image Pinedale link image Valley Oak link image

Clovis North Area Schools

Clovis North link image Bud Rank link image Copper Hills Fugman link image Mountain View link image River View link image

Clovis East Area Schools

Clovis East wolf logo Boris link image Fancher Creek link image Freedom link image Hirayama link image Miramonte link image Oraze link image Temperance Kutner link image Reagan Elementary link image Young Elementary link image

Educational Services Area Schools

CART link image Gateway link image Clovis Online School link image Clovis Community Day School link image Clovis Adult Education link image Sierra Outdoor link image