Copyright Policies


Individual users and sites are legally responsible for the reproduction of materials that have copyrights.  Please become familiar with CUSD Board Policy & Administrative Regulation No. 6162.6 - Use of Copyrighted Materials  We encourage all Principals and Department Heads to discuss copyrights with your faculty at least once per year.

When you purchase a black line master workbook for use in your classroom, make sure you know exactly what copyrights you are allowed. Some may have a limit to the number of copies allowed or even a time period. Almost all workbooks allow only the purchaser to make copies for his or her classroom, meaning each teacher must purchase their own workbook in order to be able to use them in his or her classroom. At times a publisher may allow an extended group or school copyright to be purchased. If you have a habit of cutting the binding and removing individual pages from purchased workbooks to make copies, be sure you keep the copyright page that details what you are allowed to copy, just in case you need to answer a copyright complaint at some future time.

Music and play scripts have very specialized copyrights that allow only a percentage of a piece to be copied.

BEWARE of adding a famous cartoon character (Disney, Warner Brothers, etc.) to your homework handout.  This might be cute, however, it is illegal without permission and you can be prosecuted.

A disclaimer is now included on the scan back confirmation page stating that the originator of the scanned image is legally responsible for insuring that they have the legal right to make the copies requested.

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