CTE Summer Academy

Summer CTE Academy 2022--Registration will Open 5/27 @ 5:00pm

We have finalized the list of offerings for Summer 2022 and will begin registering students in current (SY 21 - 22) grades 6 - 8 Friday, May 27th at 5:00pm. The link shown here will be live Friday, May 27th at 5:00pm.  

Learn about your future at Clovis Unified's Career Technical Education's 2nd Annual Summer Academy. This is your current (21 -22 SY) 6th-8th graders' chance to experience the options available to them during their high school years that could propel them forward. Class sizes are limited for this no cost opportunity; registration will begin shortly!
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Carpentry at Clovis High: June 13th - 30th

Students will learn safe and efficient use of woodworking procedures used by professional furniture and cabinet makers, life skills for maintaining equipment at home and ethical work practices.  In this hands-on setting, students will make assigned projects that they can bring home. (June 13th – 30th)

Course will be held at Clovis High and classes run Monday - Thursday, 8:00am - noon. 

3D Design Workshop at Clovis High

Students will be introduced to basic design concepts and discover how to use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to model and 3D print their own creations. Students will create unique solutions to design prompts that will challenge them to think creatively and work collaboratively. This course combines creative and technical skills, so it appeals both to those who like the arts and those who prefer math and science.

Course will be held at Clovis High, and classes run Monday - Thursday, 8:00am - noon. (Except for Monday, June 6th--when there is no class.   

Get your Motors running through Automotive, Graphic Design and Children’s Art at Clovis West:

During this three-week course, students will learn about graphic design, children’s Art, and basic automotive skills.  Students will get a variety of hands-on experiences… all in one day!  Participants will learn to create t-shirt and sticker designs using powerful software programs.     While in the Automotive and Diesel shop students will learn the basics of automotive maintenance, shop safety, tools, and fasteners and how all components work together to make a vehicle run.  Lastly in this program students will explore art through fun hands-on projects such as glass tiles, leather, macrame and fabric weaving.  Have you ever wondered where cars go to get fixed? Well, if so, this course is for you!  In this hands-on three week course, you will learn all about shop safety, tools, changing a tire, checking fluids, changing oil, and more!  This exciting class has so much to offer!  We can’t wait to put you to work!

Course will be held at Clovis West High School and classes run Monday - Thursday, 8:00am - noon

The Art of Storytelling at Clovis North: July 5th - July 21st

Students will learn the basics of story writing and storytelling.  Students will study and use the elements of plot structure and character development to develop themes common to Child and Adolescent Literature. Through the perspective of Ancient Mythology, participants will read and research the fundamentals of a Hero, ending with the creation of their own mythological story.  Students will take their story writing from the drafting process through illustration culminating with a professionally bound copy of their story.  During this three week course, students will learn about Graphic Design, Technical Theater, Money Management, and Children’s Art!  You will get a variety of hands on experiences… all in one day!  This will be your chance to explore our pathways and see which avenue is best for you!  

Course will be held at Clovis North High School and classes run Monday - Thursday, 8:00am - noon. 

A look into Health Careers at Clovis North: June 13 - June 30

Students will have the opportunity to learn about human musculoskeletal anatomy, athletic taping techniques, first aid, vitals, and CPR/AED. Students will be using Anatomy in Clay to create the skeletal muscles on a miniature skeleton model. Students will be learning why and how to take various vitals, such as pulses and blood pressure and will have the opportunity to be CPR/AED certified through the American Heart Association.  

Course will be held at Clovis North and classes run Monday - Thursday, 8:00am - noon. 

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