English Language Development Expectations, Assessments, & Progress


Clovis Unified holds high standards for every student and believes that each student can achieve academic success. It is the expectation of CUSD that school sites will hold high expectations for their staff and students and will utilize research-based strategies and techniques to ensure academic success and support of all students. 


In Clovis Unified students are assessed via multiple means including through local/district assessments, state assessments, teacher observations, and the monitoring of student work samples. 

Local/District assessments are given in grades Tk-12 and include but are not limited to Common Formative Assessments (CFA’s), teacher created assessments, iCAM, iCAL, and Inspect Assessments. The district also utilizes diagnostic assessments throughout the year such as DRA (grades TK-1) and iReady Diagnostics at multiple grade levels.
The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) is also given each spring to all students in grades 3-8 and 11. This assessment is designed to measure students knowledge on the California Common Core State Standards.

Additionally, our Multilingual EL students are assessed within the first 30 days of enrollment into a school in California utilizing the English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC). The initial assessment provides schools and districts with the student’s initial language proficiency level. All students designated as English Learners based off of the initial assessment are assessed using the summative ELPAC each spring until they have achieved adequate progress in English Language Development and are reclassified. 

More information about the ELPAC can be found on our CUSD ELPAC page.

Student Progress in English Language Development and the mastery of English Language Development Standards is monitored through the use of:
  • The ELD Standards Progress Profile Chart
  • Local/District Assessments
  • Analysis of student work samples and teacher observations
  • Online EL folders where each student’s EL Information is kept
    • The online folder includes information such as student status, assessment results, and progress monitoring information
    • The folders are accessible to staff members and follow the students throughout CUSD. 
  • The Summative ELPAC Assessment
  • On-going progress monitoring of students through the PLC process and through our online progress monitoring tools
  • Multilingual EL students progress is monitored throughout the year. Students have illustrated that they have met the reclassification criteria are then reclassified as English Fluent students. The California Department of Education (CDE) provides guidelines for districts to create their own reclassification process. 
  • Four-Year monitoring of reclassified students
    • California Education Code 313(d) requires that all English Learners who have been reclassified be monitored for a four-year period.  
    • Monitoring does not mean the ELPAC should be administered again, rather, the student’s academic progress and achievement should be monitored and reviewed on a periodic basis to be certain the student is continuing to progress.  
    • If the student fails to make progress, it is necessary to intervene and not allow him/her to fall behind.

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